Get transparency

Track your TV campaign
or track any brand

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TV attribution

Analyze and maximize the impact
of your TV campaign

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Boost your traffic

Increase your conversion rates
by synchronising TV and online

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TV Tracking

XAD monitors various TV markets in Europe and detects every TV ad on air 24/7. The XAD online tool gives you access to media data that is precise, up-to-date and objective. This brings you transparency regarding the advertising market and your competitors’ media strategies.

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TV2Web Impact

We measure the impact of your TV campaign. The TV2Web Impact analysis tool delivers actionable insights designed to provide you with specific proposals for how to optimise your TV media planning. This enables you to increase the efficiency of your TV bookings and media budget.

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TV2Web Sync

Target your potential customers using multiple screens in the most effective way. Be visible when a television viewer is searching a product online. With TV Sync, you can synchronize your TV and online campaigns in order to boost your traffic and increase your conversion rate.

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