XAD Services jetzt europaweit verfügbar

TV Tracking by XAD is now available throughout Europe!

XAD, a German media monitoring company, is now providing its TV tracking Europe-wide.

From now on, XAD Service GmbH, a company offering independent and cross-media monitoring, is providing its TV tracking services throughout Europe.

XAD has started as a classic media monitoring company for the German advertising market. Since 2016, XAD is additionally tracking international TV campaigns and providing media data of over 411,000 campaigns on xad.tv for its customers.

XAD stands for precision and actuality

Regarding the actuality and precision of the TV tracking data, the company guarantees the same quality as its German clients has been used to. Tracking data accurate to the second, differentiation between ad versions, a provision of data on a daily basis, as well as the program and TV station’s information are included in the data repertoire; this can be supplied for almost every European country. Moreover, for Poland, Italy and France further information about the composition of each ad break is available. Thereby environment and competitor analyses are possible at any time.

Independence and transparency

On the basis of the company’s independence, a pan-European, neutral media data base emerges, allowing profound insights in the media strategies of all advertisers. Clients can call up their own, as well as the competitors tracking data at any time and unrestrictedly. Transnational analyses of advertising activities are possible.

Especially for e-commerce companies, by XAD created and developed index values facilitate the clarity and provide comparability and transparency.


Jetzt die XAD Premium-Funktionalitäten live erleben