XAD stands for tranparency and innovation in the advertising market

Founded in 2010 by Andreas Steinrücke in Munich, XAD is dedicated to transparency and innovation on the advertising market. The data and statistics we record form the basis for executing cross-media ad campaigns with greater efficiency and focus.

XAD History

XAD started out as a classic media monitoring company for the German advertising market. We now track international ad campaigns and deliver media data for more than 490,000 campaigns to our clients via This gives them direct access to independent, reliable and up-to-date TV media data. When it comes to data depth and usability, XAD sets new industry-leading standards.

Driver of innovation

Our innovative drive led us to recognise early on the potential benefits that arise from parallel usage of TV and online formats: measuring the direct impact of TV advertising campaigns on website traffic. We wanted to identify the key influencing factors that prompt TV viewers to search online for a product that has just been advertised. What began as a simple question has since evolved into a complex algorithm and an innovative analysis tool.TV advertising is no longer simply a black box. It has become an advertising format that can be measured in performance terms.

TV2Web integration

The next step for us was to link TV and online advertising together in a purposeful way and make it possible for our clients to adjust all individual media in a cross-media campaign. With our product TV2Web Sync, our clients can extend the advertising impact of their TV campaigns online, giving a significant boost to the success of their TV advertising as a result.
XAD has grown into an international company that offers its services in many countries throughout Europe.

XAD Service

We are convinced that an integrated approach is the only way to make the best possible use of an advertising budget. That’s why we make sure our clients enjoy transparency throughout the entire process: Getting an idea about competitors, brands and markets, controlling and analysing the own media strategy and ad impact and synchronizing TV and online activities. We deliver all insights to develop the most effective media strategy.

TV Tracking

Who is advertising in which context? Which channels are most popular amongst those advertisers relevant to me? At which times are my ads precisely aired? What is my competitor’s new TV commercial like?
Our TV Tracking will give you answers to all of these questions, along with a host of other information.

TV2Web Impact

What impact is my TV campaign having on my online traffic? Which version of my commercial is having the greatest desired effect? Which programming context is leading to the highest ROI?
Using our innovative analysis tool TV2Web Impact, you can analyse the impact of your TV ad campaigns and optimise your media budget according to these new insights.

TV2Web Sync

How can I communicate online specifically with those visitors triggered via TV? How can I profit from the ad campaigns of my competitors?
TV2Web Sync is designed to enable our clients to adjust the channels online and TV perfectly in line with one another. Executing TV and online campaigns in a synchronised way means that the advertising impact of TV campaigns can be extended into the online domain, strengthening the effectiveness of the ad campaign as a whole.
Our clients reach parallel users in a targeted way here, boosting both traffic and the conversion rate in the process.

XAD Vision

We aim to provide data-driven planning and optimisation of cross-media ad campaigns. Our top priorities here are transparency, accuracy, reliability and independence. Our comprehensive and well-founded pool of data can be used to produce long-term success models for all kinds of advertisers. The insights gained as a result can be applied to set planning parameters and make the right decisions for an effective media strategy.


XAD Contacts

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Andreas Steinrücke

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