TV2Web Sync

Synchronise your TV campaign with your online marketing in real time

Be visible whenever your customers are watching TV and searching for products online at the same time. With TV2Web Sync, you can play out your TV and online campaigns in parallel, thereby targeting potential customers during multi-screen usage in an effective way.


  • Real-time recognition
  • No scanning of TV ads required
  • Trigger your own or any other ads
  • Precise differentiation between ads

Putting TV2Web Sync to work for you

We collect the data for every single TV ad and save it to our database. This means we are able to send a trigger signal of your own TV ads or of the ads of your suppliers, partners or even your competitors. Scanning the ads isn’t necessary – we already have a record of them.

TV2Web Sync - Search
Out in first place at just the right time ...

You can utilise our triggers to fine-tune your SEA campaigns precisely in line with your TV campaigns.
Be visible every time a viewer searches for a product online that they’ve just seen advertised on TV. Rather than losing this traffic triggered via TV to the competition, you make sure it is directed straight to your website. Your bid settings are implemented down to the exact second and in a fully automated way. And as well as using TV2Web Sync – Search for your own TV campaigns, you can even apply it for those of your competitors and suppliers.

TV2Web Sync - Website
The right content at first glance ...

Alter your website in line with the products and content in the TV ad – in real time. Our trigger gives you the opportunity to make temporary adjustments to your website the moment your TV ad is broadcast. In this way potential customers arriving at your website are immediately greeted with a prominently positioned teaser, for instance, or a landing page featuring the product advertised on TV. Recognition becomes stronger and your visitors have direct access to the information they’re looking for. They find what they want with fewer clicks – and, hey presto, your conversion rate grows!

TV2Web Sync - Break
Reaching your target audiences ...

Millions of viewers surf the web during commercial breaks to check their emails, update their status on Facebook, and search for products and companies they’ve seen advertised on their TV screens. TV2Web Sync – Break let you know down to the precise second when a break is starting that is relevant to your target audience. Communicate straight to these consumers in real time with mailings, social media and display ads, all placed just at the right moment on their screens.

TV2Web Sync - Display
Push it...

Make sure you’re visible just at the right moment with your display ads for users of multiple screens! With TV2Web Sync – Display, you can play out display ads at precisely the same time as the TV ad. This enables you to draw TV viewers’ attention back to your brand/products and create a cross-media user experience that is perfectly integrated as a whole.

TV2Web Sync - Social
I Like...

Advertise your products on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites at precisely the same time your TV ad airs. With TV2Web Sync – Social, you can, for example, tweet interesting content about the products advertised on TV, or post relevant content on Facebook. The click-through rate will increase – just wait and see!

How it works

Thanks to our sophisticated real-time recognition technology, which has been tried and tested over many years, we have the capabilities to identify all TV ads in real time and launch online campaigns even whilst the ad is still running.

Trigger signals, motifs and metadata can also be inputted directly into your BI System via a JSON Push/Pull API.

TV Tracking

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