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All key facts of a TV campaign's performance in view.
Individually adjustable with all relevant presentations such as: (CPV) cost per visit sorted by TV stations and time.

Quick Insights

A summary of all results for:
TV channels, weeks, weekdays, hours and spot-versions.

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Dimension Report

Compare TV influencing factors and analyse for different KPIs. Analysis of the performance at the level of visit and conversion.

Measure the advertising impact of your TV ads and optimise your TV media strategy

Thanks to consumers’ parallel usage of TV and online, the impact of TV ads and ROI can be measured. There are various factors affecting the impact of TV placements. XAD monitors these factors and gives you insights into how to increase the efficiency of your TV airings.

  • Inclusion of all relevant influencing factors
  • Precise uplift metrics
  • Up-to-date daily reports
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Export function – all data can be processed in-house
  • Retrospective analysis
  • All-in-one solution: TV tracking, visitor tracking and analysis

TV2Web Impact – How it works

XAD combines TV tracking, visitor tracking, app tracking and the analysis of TV effects to deliver actionable insights.

Traffic data is selected by us using a Piwik pixel, or can be imported directly from your tracking tool. Our sophisticated algorithm matches your traffic with the TV broadcasting data that has been recorded by us with split-second accuracy. This allows you to verify the uplifts and effects of individual TV ads on your online KPIs. You can also segment data here according to different traffic sources and devices, and define various different conversion objectives.

TV2Web Impact – optimize your media planning

Performance rates for specific ads can be precisely assessed by quantifying TV effects while taking the key influencing factors into account. This allows you to optimise your TV media planning based entirely on genuinely valuable data, and put your media budget to more efficient use accordingly!

Get your tracking data

You only need precise and up to date airing data, contextual information and metadata for your TV ads? Just let us know and we will deliver all data you need on a daily basis by e-mail, FTP or download link.

TV Tracking

Get the full media insights – all you have to know about your market and competitors!

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TV2Web Sync

Synchronise your TV campaign with your online marketing in real time.

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